PAL® is a medical device that encourages and reinforces the development of non-nutritive sucking in premature infants. This is accomplished by giving positive feedback in the form of music/mother’s voice as an auditory input in direct response to efficient sucking.

When the infant achieves the sucking strength and duration level set by the caregiver, the infant will hear music/mother’s voice BUT only for the preset length of time set by nurse/therapist. To hear music/mother’s voice again, the infant must again suck at the preset strength and duration.

The positive reinforcement of the gentle, pleasant musical lullabies/mother’s voice encourages and reinforces the development of the infant’s sucking ability.

Clinical use and clinical research:

“It is amazing to watch how much quicker our babies are able to learn the sucking motion after they have used PAL®. They are ready to eat sooner, they go home from the hospital sooner, they tolerate their feedings better; it’s just a phenomenal improvement overall”.– Terry Stevens, NICU nurse at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital

Vanderbilt research study published in Pediatrics, February 2014

Vanderbilt Medical School Research Study. “A Pacifier-activated Music Player with Mother’s Voice Improves Oral Feeding in Preterm Infants.” Pediatrics, February 2014. Click here for abstract. Full text available through Pediatrics journal.

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